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Kanji Kanji - Japanese

Kanji are the most popular Japanese script out of 3 writing.
These characters are called "Ideographs", "Ideograms" or "Pictograms" in the world, because a Kanji Symbols, character express an idea, and represents meaning in a visual way.

For example, some kanji characters are developed like this:

Kanji are ideographs

You see, both the 'Sun' Kanji and the 'Tree' Kanji look like the things they represent.
However, this is NOT always the case.
There are some kanji which don't look at all like the things they represent.


Kanji CompoundKanji - Japanese

Thoese pictorial Kanji that are mentioned above are Kanji characters which have meanings themselves. However, they can be also combined together and can be different Kanji characters. For example, by combining the 'tree' Kanji character together, Kanji characters will have the meaning of "Wood".

Japanese Wood Kanji


The stroke order for Japanese Kanji SymbolsKanji - Japanese

To write Japanese Kanji Symbols, there are the basic rules to apply Kanji characters.
There are some aspects of stroke order which plays an important role in the overall feeling of the kanji.

For example, the kanji symbols for 'tree' is written like the following stroke order:

Kanji Stroke Order

However, because of the increasing popularity of computers, a lot of Japanese young people, in fact, don't really care about this rule.


Japanese kanji symbols are so popular as they are used for tattoo design

Ever thought about using Japanese kanji symbol for your tattoo design?
Since the move called "Last Smurai" was released, Japanese kanji symbols are getting so popular, especially for design needs such as Company Logo, Jewerly and Tattoo Design.

Here we have couple of photos showing how they are used.
(Thanks to DSFY.com - Photos are permitted to by them)

Logo Design Book Cover with Japanese symbols
Logo Japanese symbols Japanese symbols are used for uniform
Japanese tattoo design Japanese tattoo design
Kanji tattoo design Kanji Tattoo Design photos


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