Learn to Write Japanese

Learn how to write the main Japanese cities in kanji symbols. See the map of Japan to learn to write Japanese kanji symbols!

In this lesson, you will learn how to write main cities of Japan such as Tokyo, Kyoto, and Oosaka in Japanese kanji symbols.

In addtion, you will learn about kanji compounds. You are going to extend your knowledge of Japanese kanji compounds by learning some examples. You will see how they are used in combination with kanji symbols you have learn to make new character in Japanese.

First of all, please look at the map of Japan below.
How many cities can you recognize?

map of Japan

Place of Japan Kanji Meaning About the place Pronunciation
Hokkaido North, sea, way North island of Japan Hokkaido
Tokyo East, Capital Capital of Japan Tokyo
Oosaka Big, slope Second biggest city in Japan Oosaka
kyoto Capital, city used to be a capital of Japan Kyoto
Hiroshima Wide, island stands in a wide bay dotted small islands Hiroshima
Nagasaki Long, promontory There is a famous harbour Nagasaki

Now, as you can see, all the name of the cities are written in Japanese kanji by using two or more kanji symbols. They are called "Kanji compounds".
Kanji compunds are words created from two or more kanji symbols.

For example, we use north, sea and way kanji symbols to write Hokkaido, Hokkaido, and use East and capital kanji symbols to write Tokyo, Tokyo in Japanese.

By the way, do you know how to write America, China and England in Japanese?

Place of Japan Kanji Meaning Pronunciation
America in Kanji Rice, country Bei koku
England in Japanese kanji Hero, country Ei koku
China in Kanji Middle, country Chu goku

Intersting, isn't it?

Watch to learn Japanese cities and practice your speaking.
Learn to speak Japanese language!

Here is the Japanese language lesson specially for you to learn the name of main cities in Japan. On this video, cities include the cities mentioned before as well as the cities we recommend you to visit when travelling to Japan.

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