Learn to speak Japanese

Learn to speak Japanese word and phrase.
Basic Japanese greeting words

The 1st Japanese speaking lesson: Learn to Speak Japanese for real communication teach you how to say Japanese words and phrase. So, you will open your mouth and sound like a totally real Japanese-speaking person.

The 1st lesson is to learn to speak some of the Japanese greeting words
such as Konichi wa, hajimemashite, konibanwa.

"Learn to Speak Japanese" Lessons
English meaning Japanese Langauge
( Kon Ni chi Wa)
Hello in Japanese
Nice to meet you
(Ha ji Me Ma Shi Te)
Nice to meet you in Japanese
Good Evening
( Kon Ban Wa)
Good Evening in Japanese
long time no see
(hisa shi bu ri)
Learn Japanese: Good Bye
Good bye
(Sa yo na ra)
Learn Japanese: Long time no see
Excuse me
(su mi ma se n)
Learn Japanese: Excuse me
Thank you
(a ri ga to u)
Learn Japanese: Thank you
Learn Japanese: yes
(i i e)
Learn Japanese: no
I am tired.
(tuka re ta)
Learn Japanese: I am tired
Are you right?
(dai jyou bu)
Learn Japanese: you are right?
(ei go)
Learn Japanese: English
(ni hon go)
Learn Japanese: Learn Japanese: Japanese
It is difficult.
(mu zu ka shi i de su)
Learn Japanese: it is diffiucult


Please also watch my video lesson so that you can hear and learn to speak Japanese.
Repeat the native Japanese spekaer's pronunciation.
Ok, let's start to learn to speak Japanese!!



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