Learn to Write Japanese

Lesson3.1: Learn to Write Japanese:
Real Conversion - How much is this?

Easch lesson always take place 2 Japanese people whose name is Tamaki tamaki and Tomita tomita.
You will learn both casual Japanese saying and more polite way of saying.

Each Lesson of "Learn to Write Japanese" shows the conversational Japanese Writing, and the picture to describe the conversation. There are also some exercises and questions for you to learn to write Japanese hiragana.

If you have a printer, we would suggest you to print this page out, so that you can practice to write Japanese with your pencil!

Anyway, Let's learn to write Japanese for real communications!

How much is this? 2000 yen
Tomita: ko re i ku ra shi ta no?

Tamaki: ni sen yen de su.

How much is this?
It is 2000 yen
How about is this? in japanese It is Free
Tomita: Jya ko re wa?
Tamaki: so re wa, ta da de su.
How about this one?
That's free!
How much is this in Japanese

In this conversion, Tomita asks Tamaki.
How much is this?
Pointing to the book Tamaki has brought.

And, Tamki replied "2000 yen"- in Japanese.
In this case, you may notice that we use 2 as a numerical character, and kanji symbols for representing 1000.

Secondly, Tomita asks Tamaki again.
How about this one? in Japanese - pointing to antoher Tamaki's book.
And, he replied "It is Free" in Japanese.


Exercise: Let's learn to write in Japanese
How much is this in Japanese

Print out this page, and learn to write "Want a Coffee" in Japanese by using the chart below.
We have used the 46 Hiragana Chart to write the above conversation in Japanese




Today's Note: Numbers in Japanese langauge

When we write 2000 yen in Japanese, we used 2 as a number and sen kanji symbol to represent 1000.
Also, yen symbol to represent yen in japanese.
So, if we write 3000, we use the number 3 instead of the number 2.

ni (2)
sen (thousands)

However, when we write 1000 in Japanese, we just use sen and yen kanji symbols.
Sen yen is 1000 yen in Japanese.
You can learn how to write numbers in Japanese next

sen (thousands)



Today's Question:
Do you know how to count numbers in Japanese

NLet's learn Japanese numbers.
Do you know how to count numbers in Japanese.

  ichi 1 ni 2
  san 3 shi 4
  go 5 roku 6
  hachi 8 kyu 9
  jyu 10 Jyu ichi 11
  Jyu ni 12 Jyu san 13
  Jyu shi 14 Jyu go 15
  Jyu roku 16 jyu shichi 17
  Jyu hachi 18 jyu kyu 19
  Hyaku 100 ni Hyaku 2
  san Byaku 300 shi Hyaku 400
  go Hyaku 600 roku Hyaku 700

Hyaku changes into Byak, depending on the preceding sound.
And, when dealing with thousands, sen changes into zen at 3000.
Now, fill in the rest of the blank field.

  sen 1000   2000
  san zen 3000   4000
    5000   6000
    7000   8000



NEXT: Learn How to introduce yourself in Japanese

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