Lesson 2: learn to speak spoken Japanese language fast

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You will be learning living and spoken Japanese fast!

In Today's Japanese spoken language lesson, you will learn:
How to count a floor in Japanese.

Learn How to count a floor in Japanese.

Counting a floor in Japanese is very simple.
All you have to remember is a single Japanese kanji symbol called "Kai", which literally means Floor in Japanese language.

You can learn to speak this living and spoken Japanese language very fast, if you remember this simple rule.

Floor in Japanese language kanji

Although we normally use kanji script to write kai in Japanese, you can use Hiragana symbols to write as well. Next you simply apply numbers before "kai" symbol.
So, if it is a first floor, you put the first word of Japanese number symbols.

For example, take "I" of "ichi", which means "1" in Japanese language, and put it before Kai symbol, and is pronounced as "i Kai" in Japanese.
It if is 2nd floor, you use "ni", which is 2 in Japanese, and become "Ni kai".
It it is 5th floor, you use "go", which is 5 in Japanese, and become "Go Kai".

Simiple, isn't it? You can this Japanese language fast, right?

Only with the 3rd floor, you need pronouce "Gai" instead of "kai"

By the way, if you don't know how to count numbers in Japanese, please see the previous article.

Exercise: Write the floors in Japanese language, and speak it out!

Fill in the form below.
Write the pronuncition of each floor in Japanese language, and speak out each floors in Japanese.
As an example, 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor is written already.

English How to say in Japanese langauge
1st floor I kai
2nd floor ni kai
3rd floor san gai
4th floor  
5th floor  
6th floor  
7th floor  


Watch the Japanese language video to practice your speaking:
Learning Spoken and living Japanese language

Finally, you can watch the following Japanese video lesson to practice your speaking.
Takanori Tomtia is explaining today's Japanese language lessons.

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