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Travelers to Japan with no knowledge of Japanese symbols will stuck immediately by the lack of information they can get from the Japanese signs in Japan. Although there are some signs in English, you can only find them only in some large cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, and Ookasa.

So, today's Japanese language lesson is to understand some of the information that is written in Japanese and after that your travelling to Japan will be much richer.


Japanese kanji signs used in Japan

Japanese signs used in JapanIn this article, we will show you some of the more common signs you may see around you in Japan, and tv programmes and films often show neon lights and other signs written in Japanese symbols, especailly in Kanji.

Of course, not all signs are written written in kanji symbols. As you can see the picture on the left, we use the mix of Japanese hiragana, katakana and kanji symbols to write signs in Japanese.

And in a Japanese restaurants, department stores, and many different sorts of shops use Japanese kanji symbols to write their sings, logo and information.

Let us also show you some of the other examples below. .

Japanese MagazineFor example, Japanese Magazine normally use 80% of Kanji symbols, and 10% of Hiragana and Katakana symbols.

The picture on the left hand side is a part of a Japanese Magazine. In this case, they use Kanji symbols and Katakana symbls for the title. But, otherwise, they used all 3 Japanese symbols.

Because this page of the Japanese magazine is talking something about the Internet technoloies which are foreign names, they used the Katakana symbols for its name.



Japanese Subway signAnother example is the Japanese subway sign we have found in the Japan's subway.
Almost all of the station's name is written with only Kanji symbols.

In this case, there is only one station which has Hiragana symbols between Japanese Kanji symbols, which is the one on the top right hand corner.



Japanese signbordFinall example is the Japanese signbord.
The majority of Japanese signbord use both Hiragana and Kanji symbols.

In this case, it is the singbord of the place in Tokyo.
Almost all the sings are written with the Kanji symbols.
By the way, we can write numbers in kanji symbols as well, but normally use the numerical sign to represent.


Warning Signs written in kanji

When traveling, it is important to be able to read warning sings written in their own language.
So, you will learn some of those warning sings which are written in kanji.

We will start by learning some general warning kanji then look at how they are really used in Japana by showing a picture.

Here we have 5 major warning signs you will see in Japan.
Make sure you will remember them before travelling to Japan, especially if you are going to rent a car, you need to be very careful!!

forbitten in kanji symbols not allowed
Warning kanji symbols Warning
Caution kanji symbols Caution
Danger kanji symbols Danger
Emergency exit kanji symbols Emergency exit

Now, you can also take a look at the picture of the 2nd warning kanji symbols and see how they are used in Japan from the Japanese dictionary website.

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