Lesson 3: Learn to write Japanese symbols

Learn to write Japanese kanji symbols used in Japan. Kanji for places

There are a number of kanji which are used to indicate different types of places such as shops, rooms, publich information, and bureau offices.

Today, you will look at two key kanji symbols.

  1. Shop Kanji symbols shop kanji
  2. Bureau office kanji symbols office kanji

Now, let us look at each one in more detail.

shop kanji

The radical for this is kanji top part which means dotted cliff. Both these radicals indicate some type of enclosure.
Think of it in this case as the roof and back wall of the shop.
The front wall if, of course, a window and so is open.
Inside the shop is fortune and mouth together meaning kanji inside fortune telling in Japanese.

office kanji The radical again is flag kanji symbol flag and within it is a mounth or opening enclosed on two sides.
This kanji symbol is used in words such as post office so think of it as the glass counter behind which the office clerk site. The flag is the board calling the next cutomer.


Example of kanji symbols for places in Japan

Now, let's look at the example of how those 2 kanji symbols are used.

post office kanji symbols First two kanji symbols both mean mail plus bereau office kanji symbol


Watch the Japanese video lessons to learn Japanese language!

Now, you can also watch the following video lesson to learn more about kanji for places. Takanori Tomita will eplain that little more in detail.

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