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Today's Japanese language lesson is about how to write family members in Japanese.
For example, learn to write "grandfather", "mother", "sister", and "brother" in Japanese.

In addition to this, we have 2 different ways to say each family member in Japanese.
There is a difference between saying "my grandfather" and "your grandfather".

First of all, please watch the sample of Japanese video lesson below.
Takanori Tomita is teaching you how to speak and write "grandfather" as an example.

How to write Grandfather in Japanese.

As Takanori Tomita has explained, there are two ways to say "grandfather" in Japanese.
If you wan to say, "My grandfather", it is so fu.

grandfather in Japanese language

However, if you want to say "your grandfather" or other people's grandfather, you say "o ji i san".

Grandfather in Japanese


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