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Writing dates in Japanese language, and the Japanese calender in Japan.


How to write dates in Japanese language

There are a number of ways to write dates in Japanese language.
For example, let us show you how we write the year 2007.

In this 3 examples, the first example is rarely used and the most commonly used in the third.
In Japanese, zero is usually written as 0.


2007 in kanji

This is 2007 written out in full using kanji number symbols.
The last character means "year" in Japanese.

2007 in kanji

This time, 2007 is written as it looks 2-0-0-7 in Japanese kanji.

dates in arabic numbers

We also write the years in arabic numbers as well with the year kanji symbol after the numbers.


The Japanese calender

The Japanese system of "era names" called Nengo is defined by the length of rule of each Emperor, Ten nou hei ka. In Japan, once an Empeor die, normally his son becomes next Emeror, Ten nou and he is referred to by the name of his era.
The current Emeror, (2007) is Akihito, began his reign in 1989 and his era is called Hei sei.

"Hei sei" means "Attainment of Peace" in Japanese.

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emperor_of_Japan

Writing the year according to the Nengo sysytem is as follow.

Writing year in Japanese language

To match this to the Western calender, you count up from and including 1989 which was the year Akihito become the Japanese Emeperor and Heisei 1st year.


Heisei 19th year equals to 2007.


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